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Almost every beginning of travel adventure starts at aircraft. It depends where you are heading and if it’s a long flight. Everybody knows (traveling in economy class) that is not so comfortable, especially when you are tall. So everything that can help you feel better is more than welcome. Quality headphones with the best noise canceling is a must have a thing.
Many of us who spend a lot of time on a plane will especially appreciate the silent passengers. Although in these difficult pandemic times, we might welcome a little excitement in the form of little noise on board. Read below how to protect yourself from aircraft noise.

Headphones at aircraft

I always try to find the best quality that will last

Besides my work as a professional travel guide, I spend tens of hours a year at airports and on planes, and the road. That is why I must use this time on the plane for some form of relaxation. We like to take the time for ourselves, which we can use for what we love. There aren’t many options on a plane, but watching a good movie, listening to music, or a podcast is priceless. Of course, adequate sleep, which we all love, is the key to feel relaxed.

Unique noise canceling headphones is a thing you must have onboard

I carry many things with me on the plane that make my trip more pleasant, and I will write about them later. My last pre-Covid-19 tweaks are headphones with a noise cancelling effect, which I like the best. The silence is priceless, and I don’t even have to have the music playing. It’s enough to have the headphones on and active noise cancelling; it’s a fantastic feeling. 

I come out of the plane rested and undisturbed not only from people but also from the sound of the plane’s engine.

What is the best option for headphones?

I have tried many types of headphones, each with something typical. One class focused more on bass and volume, and others concentrate on noise cancelling and clear sound, and others were utterly unusable, impractical, so to speak, as punishment.

Headphones with noise cancelling

Is the first choice the best?

My first choice, as I’m still a big fan of Apple, is the Beats by Dr.Dre headphones, specifically SoloPro, which I was excited about. They had beautiful bass, but that was about all that fascinated me. 

Since I wanted to use them mainly on an airplane, it is necessary to have a cable to connect to a multimedia device on board. However, you would look in vain for this cable in this package. However, it costs almost $ 70, which is already exaggerated to the price of the headphones. Of course, these are quality headphones, but I also found something better on the market.

And the winner is?

The well-known company Bose specializes in this field offers to sell the Bose Headphone 700, my favorite. Before I bought them, I tried them and the headphones from Dr.Dre several times, and then I fell in love with them. You can hardly feel them on your ears; it feels like cotton. They offer incredible 20 hours of battery life. Charging takes only a few minutes via USB-C cable. Even during the long transatlantic journey, you can listen to what you like. And noise cancelling, which I mention so much, is the best on the whole market. It offers up to 3 levels of setting 1, 5, and almost absolute silence 10. In this case, it is expected that from BOSE, you get a cable in the basic package, which you connect in the plane, and you can watch movies for fun. A big plus is the touch volume control, music pause, and communication with Siri.

The best headphones with unique active noise cancelling
BOSE active noise cancelling headhphones

At the end of the story about unique headphones

I hope to help you make your decision. It is one of the most pleasant choices in life, but you have to make the right decision even here, to enjoy your music. If you have any questions or have your own experience, I will be happy to write me a comment below the post or directly to


Bose Headphone 700

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