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Almost everyone has heard of a place called Venice Beach: it is a famous beach in Los Angeles, California, and you should not miss this lovely place. This magical place is full of chronically known areas like the Muscle Beach, Skatepark, facades of buildings with street art, countless artists: like street performers, dancers, a big show you can often see in the skatepark itself.

What to do at Venice Beach?

There is a cycle path along the coast, which you can comfortably drive to several places, including Venice Beach and the famous Santa Monica Pier, where Route 66 ends. The promenade surrounded by shops where you can buy souvenirs, skateboards, or ice cream everything you can imagine.

The recommendation from Komfy style is cycling by the promenade, where you can also rent the bike itself (there is plenty of shops so that you can choose your favorite).
Bicycles are stylish, called “Cruiser” bicycles, to enhance the driving experience, the price for one ranges from $ 7 per hour, $ 17 for 3 hours or approximately $ 20 for an all-day rental.

If someone prefers another mode of transportation, everyone will come to their own; you can rent a popular electric scooter, tricycle, skateboard, or several specific shifters. While you are cycling the promenade, try street food, of which there are countless. They are making delicious specialties and various bizarre “meals,” such as fried Oreo (Americans can deep- fried everything you imagine, even pickles).

Americans can deep- fried everything you imagine, even pickles.

Tips for street food hunting.

You should also visit a lovely place called The Venice Whaler, located directly opposite the Venice Fishing Pier. At this place, you can buy take away food by the window. Next to the restaurant or you can sit there and enjoy the atmosphere. Directly on the terrace and enjoy a meal with a delicious drink or beer.
You can also dine in a place called Jody Maroni’s. This fast-food stand has been quite well known here since 1979.

After an unforgettable bike ride, you should not miss the local sand beach and swim in the waves or surf, for which this environment is perfect for beginners. Beach is secured by lifeguards who oversee safety as we know it from the famous series of the ’90s, and that is the Coast Guard or Baywatch.

On the beach, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a unique sunset. Sunset is typical for this place and full of several colors. The most striking is the transition from yellow, pink, red to purple, along with palm trees, which is an unforgettable experience.

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