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Notably, when we read about the world’s best surfing spots, we end up being coordinated towards Australia, to the West Coast of the United States of America, or Bali on Java in Indonesia. Europe may not be the first continent that strikes your mind when considering the world’s best-surfing destinations to visit, yet there are many astonishing spots for surfing in Europe.

Add surfing in Europe to your to-do list, and you’re in for some genuine enchantment! Other than great ancient history, extraordinary culture, stunning landmarks, and incredible food, the Old Continent has something else to offer, the world’s best waves.

We all need a touch of direction, particularly concerning finding the ideal spot for our next surf vacation. So how about we take a look the best five (5) surfing destinations in Europe:



Lisbon isn’t just the capital of Portugal, but at the same time, it is one of the most well-known surfing destinations in Europe. It isn’t hard to believe this when consistent waves are lasting throughout the year. There are numerous types of waves offered in Lisbon including reef breaks, beach breaks, and point breaks.

Caparica, or as the indigenous call it, Costa da Caparica is a long beach with various breakwaters. It goes from the south of Lisbon to the Tejo River. When you travel across the bay, it takes roughly twenty minutes to access the beach. It has an extraordinary offshore wind when the direction of the wind from the north.

Along the thirty kilometers of Caparica are different surf options. Just a quick note, the best wave comes from the northern side of the beach.



When you are looking for different kinds of surfing, LOFOTEN, Norway will never let you down. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing all occur at this great Nordic archipelago where water offers you activity with exciting experience regardless of your age.

While there are surfable waves throughout the year, the best time to visit Norway for a starting surfer is within April and September because the waves are calmer. If you know yourself as a pro surfer, we dare you to try LOFOTEN from September to April. You will have a worthwhile experience.

Aside from surfing, Lofoten also offers you bird watching, whale watching, and northern lights including topical photo trips to give you tremendous surfing experience.


The Watergate bay is located in the Cornwall country in southwest England. Unlike its sister beach Sennen Cove, Watergate Bay is quite popular with tourists and holidaymakers. This popularity makes tourists and holidaymakers battle for space during the summer high season. To experience the best surfing time, visit the Watergate Bay during September and October. The waves rise to its peak during the autumnal months.


f you are looking for one of the best surfing areas in Spain, then you should pay a visit to Mundaka. The beach is accessible from the city of Bilbao with many beachside cafes and bars to chill and enjoy fish dinner with some classic Spanish sangria after a long day out on the water.

You don’t want to visit Mundaka on the wrong visit. To enjoy your surfing to the fullest, visit Mundaka in March, April, September, and October.


When people hear France, what they think are Parisian cafes and fine wines. What they don’t know is that Biarritz, France is one of the top amazing surf locations in Europe. During the summer months, June, July, and August, most places in Europe are fully crowded for a decent surf. The amazing thing is Biarritz offers your best surfing experience in the winter months of October through to December.

Aside from the listed beaches above, other cool beaches suitable for surfing in Europe with maximum astounding experience guaranteed. These destinations include: PENICHE, SAGRES, and ERICEIRA are located in Portugal; SAN SEBASTIAN and PLAYA DE RODILLES in Spain; SENNEN COVE in England; PORT BLANC and LACANAU both in France; KLITMØLLER in Denmark. When you go down to Italy, we have the SARDINIA beach and PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland.

Take your time and plan a surfing vacation to these destinations. You will probably not want to leave Europe.

Have a great time surfing!!!

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